Get the price and delivery time for your BIM model within 15 mins (User Manual)

The BIM Price Calculator is the first online app backed by an algorithm that calculates the price and delivery time to create a BIM model and sends it by email within 15min. This article is ...

 Undet4SketchUp - Interface

Undet4SketchUp V1.0 Release - Use Point Clouds in SketchUp

UNDET Point Cloud Software presents a new extension for Trimble SketchUp Pro – Undet4SketchUp V1.0 that was released on December 1st, 2015.

GPU-powered virtual workstations are the future for BIM

Startup Breaks BIM Deadlock with Instant Cloud Deployment

Technology start-up Cloudalize announces TryBIM, a web-based trial that instantly deploys an ICT environment for BIM by using cloud-based workstations.

DP-Pumps delivers new BIM content

Pressure boosting installations to be made available as Revit Families and 3D DWGs on


Revit Content Management

Hear first hand from a Revit industry expert and learn the value of UNIFI, an enterprise software solution for BIM content management.

Autodesk software will be involved as Dutch company MX3D uses robots that "draw" in steel to print a bridge over water in Amsterdam. Photo: Supplied

Software Maps Advances for Construction Industry

New generation software is driving a revolution in construction, tackling the decline in productivity exacerbated by the increasing complexity of commercial projects.

Stabicad 10 Offers Enhancement to Common BIM Software

Stabiplan has released Stabicad 10 with a host of new updates that’ll make MEP engineers lives much easier when working with BIM.

BIM Design: Realising the Creative Potential of Building Information Modelling (AD Smart)

This book demonstrates how innovative firms are using BIM technologies to move design away from the utilitarian problems of construction, engaging them in a stunning new future in the built environment.

Saint-Gobain Glass assists architects in planning with BIM

Since November 2014, Saint-Gobain Glass has been helping architects in planning with BIM, a digital method for the planning of buildings.

A.O. Smith products are now in BIM format

As of April, A.O. Smith is offering the possibility to its clients to view and obtain our products in Building Information Model (BIM) format.