GRAPHISOFT KCC 2016 - an enzyme review

The enzyme review of the GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference 2016

BIM – A Multidisciplinary Modeling Approach

Tesla CAD is an Architectural and Engineering company offering high end BIM Services to clients across United Kingdom.BIM modeling is an excellent tool for virtually representing any building structure with all the details of components ...

MEP BIM Services

When you join hands with Rayvat, you get complete end to end solutions for all your BIM MEP Services requirements. We offer 3D BIM Modeling, BIM 4D & 5D modeling, clash detection and coordination, quality ...

If you want to make digital collaboration into a success - don’t forget to include the ordinary working people....

Rendra O is a BIM collaboration software - for efficient execution of construction projects. Main users are those working on the construction site and for the operative project management. Drawings, documents and the BIM model ...

With BIM Collaboration, 3-D Visualization Becomes Tool for Efficiency, Accuracy in the Construction World

A renaissance in the 3D visualization world is drawing new investments and creating opportunity in nontraditional markets. The construction sector, which has long used visualization to envisage proposed designs, is beginning to see the benefits ...

Ordnance Survey launches BIM-ready mapping

Ordnance Survey (OS) data can be plugged straight into a building information model (BIM) using a system that is being launched next week.

Chalkline to Deliver Next Generation of BIM Integrated Specifications and Documents

Chalkline is proud to announce the development of VisiSpecs, The Visual Specification System, delivering the next generation of solutions to fulfill the promise of BIM integrated construction specifications and other documents.

BIM Benefits for MEP Engineers

BIM Benefits for MEP Engineers

Leading the Industry

We're leading the way with BIM through our adoption of the latest technology and rolling it out across our projects.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) to generate and manage information about a building or piece of infrastructure over its entire lifespan.