Quantity Surveyors


BIM and the Quantity Surveyor

There is clear evidence that both design professionals and clients usually do not engage with the quantity surveyor as part of the building information modeling (BIM) process, instead preferring to leave the QS to prepare ...


BIM and its impact on the future role of the Quantity Surveyor

Throughout history there has been opposition to various forms of industrialisation, automation, computerisation and general new technology, where the people have had concerns they may ‘be replaced by robots’.


BIM to BQ in 60 Seconds

What are Masterbill doing about BIM? has been a common question from our existing and potential customers during the last few years and our response has always been that whilst we are keen to embrace ...


Quantifying the success of the QS

The role of the quantity surveyor is evolving in the modern construction landscape.

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Demand of BIM for Quantity Surveyors on Rise in Middle East

The job of a quantity surveyor is integral to the construction project. A quantity surveyor is partly a legal expert, partly an engineer and partly an architect. The demand for quantity surveyors is on rise ...