Standards - Periodic Table of BIM

The STANDARDS grouping takes in a range of standards, procedures and supplementary documents that have been developed to 'bake in' the kinds of considerations and assurances that will help you devise and then implement a ...


Development of a Whole Lifecycle Information Flow Approach Enabled by BIM Modeling Protocols and Technologies

5th Qatar BIM User Day, Development of a whole lifecycle information flow approach enabled by BIM modeling protocols and technologies by Dr. Racha Chahrour, HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar and Prof. Nashwan Dawood, Teesside.

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Innovate UK Supports Researches to Digitise the Construction Sector

Innovate UK is investing £6M to encourage collaborative research and development that supports the digitisation of the construction industry supply chain. In the first of a series of articles, NCE looks at one of 10 ...

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BIM, success or failure, leap or crawl? (Processes and Protocols)

Posted on 04.12.2013 by Danny Mcgough BIM, success or failure, leap or crawl? In this article I’m going to question whether BIM protocols and improved collaborative and integrated working processes can be the lasting legacy ...