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Project Management of BIM Projects in the US

Even though we are as fantastically BIM-y, Project Management is not so ubiquitously in tune with some of the key criteria of managing BIM projects.

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Global Construction Industry Discusses A new paradigm change and technology in Sao Paulo and Lisbon

4th Edition of the BIM International Conference, 29th and 30th of September in Sao Paulo (Brazil); 13th and 14th of October in Lisbon (Portugal)

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BIM and Project Controls: is BIM the solution to improving them?

Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox examines if BIM is the solution to improving project controls

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Shawmut Designs a Better Collaboration Strategy

A leading design and construction firm builds a cloud-based platform to boost project management and collaboration capabilities and deliver performance gains.


On-Site 4D Construction Simulations

4D simulations are very useful for validating that a plan will work; ensuring that it is both physically possible and efficiently and safely uses the resources.

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Nagpur Metro Deploys 5D-BIM Technology

Designed in the shape of a metro coach, it also provides detailed information about the Nagpur Metro Rail Project. The use of power solar since inception, the pace of hassle free land acquisition and use ...


Take Productivity to the Next Level Combining IPD with BIM

Want to take the productivity of your construction project to the next level? Why don’t you think of combining IPD with BIM?


Staying Ahead of the Game

Paul Daynes, regional director, UK & Northern Europe at Newforma discusses how firms can stay competitive in the skills crisis.


BIM Planning and Project Tracking Tools

Construction project management brings many complexities, including owners and contractors dealing with a manual process of managing spreadsheets that can result in a lack of project visibility, an increase in errors, delayed projects, and increased ...


Value of BIM-ILM Integration in the Design, Build and Operation Phases

With BIM providing a complete lifecycle perspective of design data for a building, and ILM providing a complete lifecycle of operational business data for a building, the two used in conjunction create many integration touch ...