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Safelab Systems Launches New PDTs

As part of its continued investment in Building Information Modelling (BIM), leading fume cupboard manufacturer Safelab Systems has co-developed, with the Chartered Institute of Building Engineers (CIBSE), Product Data Templates (PDTs) for ducted and recirculating ...



Many enthusiasts in the manufacturing sector and beyond are of course already familiar with these terms. To the uninitiated however, the whole array of tools and options may seem baffling. As such, this article will ...

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BRE announces groundbreaking BIM DataBook

Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 on centrally-procured public sector projects was mandated from April 2016.


BIM for Manufacturers - Introduction

Here we present a dedicated and in depth look at BIM in the Manufacturing sector. What it means, who is doing what and how manufacturers can up their game and get even more involved.

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coBuilder and CRB sign an agreement outlining future cooperation

coBuilder and CRB aim to set up a Swiss-specific process of creating Product Data Templates (PDTs) and establish it as the national Swiss standard. Construction products manufacturers will be able to access the Swiss PDT’s ...


Get to know the significance of As Built Data in Construction

The 2016 has witnessed to significant changes in the AEC industry of construction field and now we have moved forward a lot while looking back.


Product Data Templates - with David Frise

Product Data Templates are industry agreed templates that manufacturers complete to capture all necessary data relating to their products in a consistent way. Here's BESA’s David Frise to tell us more.


Intelligent 3D Façade Templated Design

“Knowledge Based Engineering sounds like a complicated process but our simple application and approach allows an organisation to capture best practises and methodologies which become an automatic benefit for all concerned.” – Geoff Haines of ...


bSDD 15 minute micro lecture

buildingSMART Data Dictionary bSDD strategic overview. Explanation by Chief Executive, Richard Petrie

BIM 4 Water
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BIM in the UK Water Sector

BIM in the UK water sector - the implications for the supply chain. Jon Cox, Lead Design Engineer at HUBER Technology discusses the growing uptake of Building Information Modelling - known as BIM – in ...