Point Cloud to BIM

Case Studies

Scan to BIM for a Residential project

This is a case study on a project of Point Cloud to BIM services (also known as Scan to BIM services) for residential buildings that Tesla has successfully accomplished. It will provide an insight into ...


Laser scan and BIM model of Nuclear Power Plant

As part of the decommissioning process of the Hunterston 'A' nuclear power station in Ayrshire, Plowman Craven provided a full range of laser scanning, BIM and 3D modelling services for Magnox.

Case Studies

Scanning and Modelling Smithfield Poultry Market

Plowman Craven - working with Arup and the City of London Corporation - provided a full range of measurement and 3D modelling services at the Grade II-listed Poultry Market at Smithfield, as well as condition ...

Image source: http://www.severnpartnership.com/

Applying BIM to Design of Sites and Structures

Since my early surveying days, I’ve seen amazing developments in tools and solutions. By far the biggest impact has come in how integrated solutions can transform the way people work. It’s an exciting time—and when ...


Fundamentals of Point Cloud to BIM

The best way to manage as-built projects is to laser scan the building or facility, and use this captured data to develop BIM ready models. This process is widely known as Scan to BIM, however; ...


Point Cloud as part of civil infrastructure visualization

The video shows how a point cloud can be used as part of a Civil infrastructure visualization.

Fig. 1: Point cloud as reference mode (3D and plannar view) and resulting 3D model (lower right)

From Point Cloud to BIM

Survey software provider Kubit, recently acquired by Faro, goes back to basics with its analysis of the implications and ways of surveyed data capture

Leica Geosystems As-Built Scanning Solutions for Building Contractors

The BIM Field Trip – As-Built Scanning Solutions for Building Contractors

Laser scanning before a construction project is a fast, easy and accurate way to provide complete 3D measurements for renovations and retrofits along with as-builts for operations/facilities management.


Scan to BIM Still Requires Expert Modelers

It is interesting how an entire 3D space can be scanned into a point could model, replete with intrinsic geometry details.

Case Studies

Converting 3D Scanned Images Into Intelligent BIM

Convert 3D scanned images of college backyard mechanical house into intelligent BIM with LOD 300 with Architecture & Structure & Equipment spacing.