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Transforming how we build

With global demand for construction output forecast to increase to $17.5 trillion by 2030, scaling poor productivity either in delivery, or in asset performance, simply isn’t an option if we’re to avoid compromising our built ...

Smart MEP and IoT

"Smart homes and other connected products won't just be aimed at home life. They'll also have a major impact on business. "

BIM Data Isn't Big Data Discuss

I was on a panel a few weeks ago which was asked whether BIM data was Big Data. One panellist stated he hoped buildings were designed using Big Data, my view was BIM data isn't ...

What AEC CIOs Need to Know From a New Big Data Survey

Big data is increasingly the big problem for today’s CIOs in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries.

Big Data Drives Wise Construction

It’s time to collaborate and embrace the technologies of the 21st century to create meaningful and lasting productive thinking in the way we build. It is critical that we prepare our businesses for a more ...