Comparative Study Of Myth VS Reality In BIM

Building information modeling (BIM) is an extraordinarily powerful tool for the design and construction production. Contributing a 3D illustration database of your project, BIM contains all of the design and construction particulars obligatory to virtually ...

Presenting your 3D model: the importance of materiality in the perception of space

Elements such as light, texture, geometry, and materiality have a powerful effect on the way individuals perceive a space. They are useful to visualize ideas and to further explore the properties that make up that ...

Virtual Cities: Let’s Rethink the Way We Live

Singapore is a pioneer in creating a comprehensive virtual model of itself: a virtual city.

How Structural Engineering Can Benefit from Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Contributions of BIM towards Structural Engineering. A blog post discussing the areas of structural engineering in which Building Information Modeling can be helpful.

Game On: New Service Brings Revit Models to Life

Autodesk Live will let Revit users create their own fully navigable, game-like environments.

Benefits of BIM for Surveyors

The benefits of BIM to architects, engineers, contractors and property owners are known by everybody. But, this advanced technology also helps the surveyors reap significant advantages in their role.

Visualization with BIM

As a designer, I really like seeing projects I’ve worked on come to life as early as I can. Many times, I’ll get what I think is a brilliant idea, draw it up, and promptly ...