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Construction firms need to be digitally smart to drive quality & alleviate industry pressures

In 2016 we saw the construction industry slip into recession for the first time in four years, with building material prices rising post the EU referendum.

2016: What Does it Look Like for BIM?

2016 is a key moment for the implementation of Building Information Modelling. April represents the long-awaited date by which BIM Level 2 must be implemented on all centrally funded government projects.

Using BIM to close the performance gap

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen an encouraging shift in the understanding of BIM in the UK. The true value of BIM is becoming clearer, in that the ultimate outcome is not 3D CAD ...

Back to BIM Basics

In the rush towards a BIM-enabled construction, we should remember what lies at the core of BIM.

Government stifles construction growth by ignoring BIM

Yet again another Australian Federal Government budget passes, with the government not allocating any funding to develop a Construction industry task group and framework around Building Information Modelling (BIM).

How BIM is changing the construction industry

In 2011, the UK Cabinet Office published the Government Construction Strategy. In this report, the government stated its intention that, by 2016, it would require “collaborative 3D BIM [building information modelling] (with all project and ...

Are they ready yet? – Delivering the Level 2 BIM tools

As you will no doubt have seen the UK Government has refined its BIM Level 2 requirements over past months and now describes them in terms of compliance with a number of documents and tools.

Why BIM is so important to our industry

I’ve been working on the UK Government’s BIM programme for three years now and learned an immense amount on the way – the rewards, the challenges and the pitfalls of implementing BIM across a wide ...

BIM for the Baffled: Part 3 – BIM and the Government

So far in our blog series about Building Information Modelling, we’ve discussed the basics of what BIM is and looked at why you should be using it. In this post we look at how the ...

BIM, Project Controls and Elephants

According to some of the presentations at the recent Institution of Civil Engineers BIM conference (ICE-BIM 2014) there is growing quantitative as well as qualitative evidence that the above ‘BIM Hypothesis’ is likely to be ...