All Aboard the Digital Express

In terms of BIM and the rail sector it would be criminal to not include a project of the size, scale and complexity of Crossrail when it comes to information and data handling on such ...

The built environment must seize the opportunities of a digital economy

The Australian construction sector must transform and seize the sustainability and productivity benefits offered by the digital economy, argues Gavin Cotterill.

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Gaining Insight Into Sustainability with BIM

Sustainability and energy conservation are top of mind for many building owners these days. What owners may not realize, however, is the value that BIM can provide as they tackle questions related to energy costs ...

Benefits of BIM for Surveyors

The benefits of BIM to architects, engineers, contractors and property owners are known by everybody. But, this advanced technology also helps the surveyors reap significant advantages in their role.

Will Solar Roadways drive us Towards a Sustainable Future?

Global warming and the likelihood of energy deficiencies in future years, due to cumulative demand, the energy issue has become very critical these days.

More mobile, BIMaaS, ‘Big data’ and M&A?

Paul Wilkinson dusts off the ExtranetEvolution crystal ball to see what 2015 might bring: more mobile collaboration, BIM-as-a-service and ‘Big Data’, maybe.