PAS 1192-3 and BIM Training for FM & Asset Managers

Many facility and asset management professionals are unaware of the scope and purpose of PAS 1192-3 and the subsequent range of expert training available. To shed light on this minefield, here is David Churcher (Director, ...

7 BIM Manager tasks that helps your business grow

Today companies in construction industry wonder whether they need a BIM Manager or they don’t? What are BIM Managers tasks ? How hiring a BIM Manager could be helpful? Etc. With this post, we have ...

Simon Collard is managing consultant for claims at Hill International.

ICMS adoption will benefit GCC dispute resolution

The impact of globalisation continues to be felt throughout the built environment, with professionals from different technical and cultural backgrounds working together to deliver projects of all sizes.

No More “Weird” Buildings for China

The Chinese government released a new set of urban planning guidelines for city planners on February 21, 2016, and one of its aims seems to be to quash the creativity of architects. These guidelines include ...

The New Zealand BIM Industry Metadata Standards Initiative

While discussion around BIM should be focused on its ability to streamline the design, construction and maintenance phases of a building, it is often discussed with some confusion.