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BIM Track for PMs: Why you need it and how to assess project health

As a project manager (PM), you need an easy way to assign tasks & monitor issue resolution progress within your project at a glance. You need hard data you can drill down into to see ...

Project Development Stages.<br>Courtesy of Leica Geosystems

Create Value for Owners by Embracing Change

While the term interoperability is commonly used to describe the ability of software applications to exchange data, it is much more, it is the ability to manage and communicate electronic product and project data between ...

On-Site 4D Construction Simulations

4D simulations are very useful for validating that a plan will work; ensuring that it is both physically possible and efficiently and safely uses the resources.

Three phases of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM)

BIM Integrated Lifecycle Management

As projects are becoming more complex and project management more onerous, there has been an increased demand for more sophisticated and holistic project management solutions. Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) has emerged as one of these ...

It's all about Collaboration

The Misconceptions of IPD

There’s been a lot of talk lately about IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), but with it has come many misconceptions, misunderstandings and miscommunication about what IPD really means.

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BIM for Project Managers

BIM is not just a powerful set of tools, but also represents a change to what we produce during the design phase of a project.