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Lean Construction, Lean Design and Building Information Modelling

The choices we make in the design stage will have a great impact on the success of the actual construction and installation work. Because of this, the capability to verify the feasibility of the designs ...

What is the real cost for not sharing models and who really pays?

My question is: If you share from the top down, does this have a huge effect on efficiency and cost to a project?

Lean is not “Play Nicely”

The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre played host to the Huddersfield University “Collaborate” one day event. A popular forum where leading Lean ambassadors and practitioners met up to discuss best practice, misconceptions and next steps.

How 4D Scheduling Creates Synergies Between BIM and Lean

With new tools come new methods. There are numerous examples of this when it comes to Lean Construction and BIM, where new BIM tools require new processes that very often encompass several lean principles.

The discussion the Construction industry has to have!

The Australian Government recently released their report; “Australia in 2055, Intergenerational report”, with a goal to better understand future challenges and opportunities.

Implementing 4D BIM Construction Management Midway through The Project

You must have heard this often, that 4D BIM construction management is the best when implemented during the construction planning and design phase. However, what if you have not implemented it during this stage? Is ...

The implementation of Lean Construction and BIM should be integrated!

Both Lean Construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM) have gained visibility in the last ten years or so. These two initiatives for improving construction have been supported by their respective communities of early adopters, academics, ...