The UAE will lead the global digital transformation of the construction industry

Why? Because they travel lightly, not weighed down by baggage of past deeds and professional boundaries that no longer serve the true cause of development.

Has Digital's Impact on Civil Engineering Really Hit Us Yet?

In this guest article from the ICE we consider the following: if digital is going to transform the civil engineering industry then just how is it going to look in 5, 10 or 20 years ...

BIM Journal Issue 3 - BIM in Infrastructure

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Digital natives are forging ahead with BIM

Jason Ruddle talks to Building about how he thinks digital skills are in their infancy in construction and the millennial generation is transforming this.

A modern industrial control room. Could buildings soon be run from places like these? (Image courtesy of ABB)

Property in the digital age: have we any idea what’s coming?

If we knew exactly how well a building performed, from the cutting of the ribbon to the swing of the wrecking ball, we could accurately charge for its use by the hour. Very smart buildings, ...

BIM: How do you really measure up?

You cannot change what you do not measure. And yet so many organisations dive head first into adopting new work practices such as building information modelling (BIM) without thinking about how they will measure the ...