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BIM and Asset Data Management

There are many reasons why asset data that is passed from design & construction to facility management is bad: no incentives for designers and builders to collect and document it in a better way, facility ...

What can BIM do for you?

The concept of BIM or Building Information Modelling is quite simple, it is the process for creating and managing information for a construction project lifecycle.

A 4 step process for the Asset Information Manager

With more than 20 000 active users in Norway, ProductXchange has been recognised as THE solution for the delivery of Asset Information for the Nordic market. Being available in the UK for under two years ...


BIM Is Becoming More Difficult

Paradoxically, as building information modeling (BIM) becomes more commonplace, it’s not getting any easier — it’s just the opposite.

Information deficiencies in the AEC industry

The prevalence of inaccurate and deficient information has become an increasing problem for the AEC industry. The most important requirement for making good decisions is information, and poor quality data limits the effectiveness of the ...

Getting Equipped for BIM

Is your organisation working with Building Information Management (BIM), do have you an established clear BIM strategy in place? To be a successful BIM organisation it is important to properly address BIM Process Management, so ...