How cloud computing supports the sharing of structural expertise

The concept of software as a service boasts a lot of benefits to users, such as ongoing technical support, but can structural engineering SaaS providers go further?

How manufacturers benefit from BIM

Is BIM something that only concerns planning and engineering parties in the building industry? Think again. As a manufacturer, you can benefit a great deal from BIM. Here’s how:

Why structural engineers should move to the cloud

Cloud computing has developed significantly in the past decade to allow structural engineers to work on projects with complete flexibility.

Cloud Computing enables the Real Virtual Design and Construction

Cloud Computing's Value for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Cloud and mobile technologies are driving innovations that will take the construction industry to its next level of performance. But what's the relation with BIM and VDC and how do they relate to each other?

Cloud-based workstations can now be used anywhere, on any device

Cloud Computing – The New Face of BIM and Real-Time Design

BIM is much more than access to Revit applications or clash detection capability. BIM technology, cloud computing and real-time collaboration go hand in hand. This article explains why.

Construction As a Service

"Namely that when we "use" the cloud, we are expecting some sort of action, or automated process, and not just a large amount of storage space that we don't have to maintain and is accessible ...

BLM: Built Environment Life-Cycle Management

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Facilities Management – Forget BIM!

If you don’t know what “Hyper-Converged Infrastructure” is, you will.

CAD Management Predictions for 2015

During the next year, you'll see a variety of technology trends in your workplace. What will happen with BIM, the cloud, and more?

The State (+ Future) of BIM and GIS Interoperability

BIM (and BIM-GIS interoperability) has been popping up so frequently that a slightly modified version of Monty Python’s “Spam” sketch has been running through my head…