BIM processesX

Optimising your BIM Implementation

When implementing BIM, any company that proceeds with a ‘bare minimum’ approach tends to make many common mistakes - and ones that can be costly.

BIM requires changes in processes

Implementing BIM Requires Changes In Processes

Implementing BIM requires changes in processes and the way of thinking as well as in roles

Develop process for your team

Give Your Team the Tools to Succeed

Developing process to create efficiency. Without an effective documented process and resources you’re production team is prone to inefficiencies. Every building is a “prototype”, however we still have the opportunity to create efficiencies in the ...

Getting Equipped for BIM

Is your organisation working with Building Information Management (BIM), do have you an established clear BIM strategy in place? To be a successful BIM organisation it is important to properly address BIM Process Management, so ...

BIM Implementation and Execution Plans

Maybe you are captivated by the proposition of BIM and want to take it for a ‘trial run’, or you are somewhat convinced of the benefits and are keen to roll it out. You are ...