BIM for InfrastructureX

Investment in “BIM for infrastructure” saves costs at global level

General contractors always see this friction of construction planning for immensely large infrastructure development projects and adhere to agreed cost plans.

Watertight BIM

Indeed there is much more going on in the water and utilities sector in a BIM and digital capacity than meets the eye. So here we introduce an unsung hero of technological development and implementation ...

Making a Success of Change Management

As part of the Institution of Civil Engineers Digital Transformation initiative, it is now time to consider two guest items from the ICE, the first one presented below looks at Change Management courtesy of Romy ...

All Aboard the Digital Express

In terms of BIM and the rail sector it would be criminal to not include a project of the size, scale and complexity of Crossrail when it comes to information and data handling on such ...

The Smart Road Ahead

Before we look at our Q&A and progress with the rest of the issue it is worthwhile reminding ourselves of the wider remit of the UK Smart Motorway initiative and the major players involved.

Why structural engineers should move to the cloud

Cloud computing has developed significantly in the past decade to allow structural engineers to work on projects with complete flexibility.

BIM Journal Issue 3 - BIM in Infrastructure

A telling snapshot of BIM adoption in the Infrastructure sectors. Take a look...

ICE BIM 2016 – Part 4

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ICE BIM 2016 – Part 3

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ICE BIM 2016 – Part 2

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