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The Value of BIM 360 for MEP (M&E) Design and Coordination Workflows

MEP (M&E) design and coordination workflows may vary, but the value of BIM 360 is significant for saving time and costs and ensuring efficient and customised workflows.

Process of Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM process involves the laser scanning of an old structure or monument in order to have a refurbished rendered Building Information Model. Although laser scanning is the starting point of the progression, it ...

Does Closed BIM Improve Design Workflow?

Closed BIM is a process where the same software of a BIM application is utilised by all project stakeholders. It reduces interoperability issues and ultimately improves design workflow.

How BIM helps structural engineers collaborate better with other disciplines?

For any randomly picked building construction project, it is the structural engineers who face challenges in multiple forms and different aspects as the stability of the entire building structure depends on them.

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BIM Modeling- Adding Technical Advantages to Construction and Architecture

With the extensive advancements in technology, the process of construction and architecture have become more organized and streamlined.

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Some handy BIM/VDC-associated technologies which can make a sea change in AEC Firms

The workflows of AEC firms are improved to a great extent with the implementation of building information modeling & virtual design and construction. Several upgraded techniques emerge out to transform 3d co-ordination process to a ...

BIM Modeling Services Effective Constructability Review And Clash Detection

In a construction project, constructability review and clash detection services are two main part of the project. The main purpose of constructability review is to review the entire construction processes from start to end in ...