BIM MandateX

What good BIM Looks Like - The ThinkBIM Spring Conference

The journey to the Mandate 2016. David Philp (UK BIM Task Group & AECOM), James Austin (Autodesk) and Adam Matthews (EU BIM Task Group) offer a reflective look at the road map from 2011 up ...

2016: What Does it Look Like for BIM?

2016 is a key moment for the implementation of Building Information Modelling. April represents the long-awaited date by which BIM Level 2 must be implemented on all centrally funded government projects.

Professionals Must Lead in Promoting Middle East’s BIM Use

The design and build industry must take the lead when it comes to implementing BIM across the GCC but government’s must also do more to promote its use.

Fly Me to the Moon, and Build a City…

The science fiction movies of our youth are becoming a reality today, from driverless cars to augmented reality. Lee Mullin, Construction Technical Specialist at Autodesk explores the effect that new technology is having on the ...

Using BIM to close the performance gap

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen an encouraging shift in the understanding of BIM in the UK. The true value of BIM is becoming clearer, in that the ultimate outcome is not 3D CAD ...

BIM: The Tipping Point is Today

When the aims of the Government’s Construction Strategy were first announced the targets seemed comfortably distant. By 2016, there must be adoption of BIM principles across all areas of publicly funded construction.