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Many enthusiasts in the manufacturing sector and beyond are of course already familiar with these terms. To the uninitiated however, the whole array of tools and options may seem baffling. As such, this article will ...

BIM Journal Issue 4 - BIM for Manufacturers

Here we present a dedicated and in depth look at BIM in the Manufacturing sector. What it means, who is doing what and how manufacturers can up their game and get even more involved.

All Aboard the Digital Express

In terms of BIM and the rail sector it would be criminal to not include a project of the size, scale and complexity of Crossrail when it comes to information and data handling on such ...

The Smart Road Ahead

Before we look at our Q&A and progress with the rest of the issue it is worthwhile reminding ourselves of the wider remit of the UK Smart Motorway initiative and the major players involved.

Has Digital's Impact on Civil Engineering Really Hit Us Yet?

In this guest article from the ICE we consider the following: if digital is going to transform the civil engineering industry then just how is it going to look in 5, 10 or 20 years ...

Introducing BIM in Infrastructure (Better Information Management)

As a sector it is here where we enter a murky realm that is notoriously difficult for outsiders to pin down. Indeed a good while ago the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) ran a ‘man ...

BIM Journal Issue 3 - BIM in Infrastructure

A telling snapshot of BIM adoption in the Infrastructure sectors. Take a look...

BIM Technician vs Architectural Technician pt 1

Some job advertisements forward slash the BIM Coordinator with the role of Architectural Technologist as well. However, common understanding seems to suggest that the role of the Architectural Technologist aligns itself much more with that ...

BIM Coordinator, Task Team Manager etc - pt 2

With the Information Manager and the BIM Manager duties now relatively well established, the role of the BIM Coordinator, so called, can be looked at more closely. Pt 2

The BIM Manager pt 3

Final part of the series.