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The perspectives on what BIM means; The ways that organisation’s capability stages are likely to be accurately measured; Key elements of BIM’s capabilities that necessarily need to be measured as well as the factors constituting ...

Understanding BIM and how to implement it

A lot of people in the industry were so entrenched in their processes and standards that training and switching to CAD seemed like an impossible task, especially with multiple projects in the works. Flash forward ...

The Three Worlds of BIM

BIM is one of the most overhyped topics in the construction industry today. There are as many definitions of what BIM is as there are national standards, guidelines and authors of discussions like this.

Too busy to BIM?

At first glance, you might be mistaken to believe that BIM is just a 3D design, but after some investigation, you will come to realise the potential for BIM extends beyond planning and design, to ...