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BIM Track for PMs: Why you need it and how to assess project health

As a project manager (PM), you need an easy way to assign tasks & monitor issue resolution progress within your project at a glance. You need hard data you can drill down into to see ...

How to run a successful BIM coordination meeting

We all know what makes for bad meetings, but what makes for a great one? We’re going to give you BIM One’s tried and tested methods to run productive BIM coordination meetings with BIM Track. ...

6 Ways Outsourcing BIM Services Can Benefit Business Owners

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is increasingly seen as a tool to enhance efficiency and improve profit margins by construction firms. However, one aspect that keeps many business owners from adopting this valuable approach is the ...

4D and 5D BIM: An Extension of 3D Revit Modeling

Building Information Modeling or BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process which creates information models containing both graphical and non-graphical information in a shared repository for digital project information called Common Data Environment (CDE).

How BIM helps structural engineers collaborate better with other disciplines?

For any randomly picked building construction project, it is the structural engineers who face challenges in multiple forms and different aspects as the stability of the entire building structure depends on them.

Synchronised Specifications - Part 2

Integrating the specifications with a building information model fulfils one of the great promises of BIM; to be able to use a single point of reference to facilitate and coordinate complimentary processes. However it also ...

A building information model can be linked to external databases, such as specifications. One can activate the spec through the model element (for example by double-clicking a window assembly) which can be reviewed and even redlined from within the BIM authoring software.

Synchronised Specifications - Part 1

Parametric objects are the building blocks of a building information model. Although historically the term ‘parametric’ referred to the definition of geometry (form) by controlled values,

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The Unpaved Road to Better-Faster-Cheaper Civil-Engineering Project Management Through BIM

Different visions and goals, working methods, standards, and units of measurement are sometimes a source of friction that can get in the way with civil-engineering project management. And that can mean missed deadlines and budget ...