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BIM on the Weekdays - Where is My Benefit?

BIM is without a doubt the buzzword that keeps every stakeholder of the construction industry on their toes. But when do we hear about the small and medium sized projects? Where are the BIM benefits ...

Twin theory for construction

The root cause of the problem is the lack of up-front coordiantion and communication between key players.

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Why Switch to BIM?

Why do we have to switch to Revit? Or rather ask ourselves, why do we have to switch to BIM in general?

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Will utilizing BIM help your next construction project?

I had a friend once ask me to describe what I do. I told him, “I work for a General Contractor and we oversee and coordinate construction projects”. His response was, “don’t the workers just ...

WSP: 10 truths about BIM

BIM has the potential to become the information backbone of a whole new industry. The aim to make BIM integral to all of our project processes within the next five years is an important aspect ...

Why BIM is so important to our industry

I’ve been working on the UK Government’s BIM programme for three years now and learned an immense amount on the way – the rewards, the challenges and the pitfalls of implementing BIM across a wide ...

BIM for the Baffled: Part 1 – Why use BIM?

In this post in our series of blogs about Building Information Modelling (BIM) we will be discussing why we need to embrace the use of BIM within the industry, and the benefits we will see ...

Taking the Plunge: When is the Best Time to Switch to BIM?

Change can be difficult. Despite the rapid technological changes that are happening in the AEC world, making the switch from a 2D drafting process to using a BIM (building information modeling) package can require a ...

Taking Ownership

Taking Ownership

Tahir Sharif examines the role project owners are taking in promoting the use of BIM


The expectations around BIM have reached an all-time high as the industry waits with bated breath to see what will happen come 2016.