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Welcome to the Digital Estate - David Philp

In a look at the trajectory of how our digitally enabled assets will transform over the coming months and years, not least in the field of Prop-Tech, here is David Philp (AECOM - Global BIM/MIC ...

What can BIM do for you?

The concept of BIM or Building Information Modelling is quite simple, it is the process for creating and managing information for a construction project lifecycle.

What Exactly is BIM?

BIM – it’s one of the latest acronyms floating around our industry, and the hype is growing as our governments embrace the technology to improve efficiencies across the construction industry.

Three Tips for Looking Towards BIM Implementation

As the required use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) within projects swiftly approaches, many companies are vocal about their hesitations and concerns of using this method of collaboration.

CDE for BIM, bigger data…Our 6 predictions for 2015

The good news going in to 2015 is that the construction industry as a whole in the UK continues to grow. Despite figures suggesting that growth slowed in December 2014, particularly for civil engineering projects, ...