How to find appropriate CAD Drafting Services

Hiring an engineer for full time to do the CAD is not the right option, when the engineering products designs are ready. This is the reason companies consider CAD Drafting Services to outsource.


It has been 79 years since the construction of Cutural Centre began, during which countless unforgettable urban memory of Saigon has been showcased.

BIM object standard naming?

The object naming in BS 8541-1 sets out 2 ways of naming objects. The 2 options are covered in 4.3.2 and 4.3.3. Both set out how an object name can be constructed and both have ...

Your ArchiCAD Template - The key to business success

I have been undertaking more and more research relating to BIM Data. It isn’t something that is requested by our clients today but they will ask for it sometime in the future.

Sadly, a lot of manufacturers investing in BIM content know little about the quality of their content; good, bad or indifferent.

What Does Your BIM Content Say About You?

This article was written during my tenure as the Marketing and BIM Development Manager at Britex (Australia). Britex are a BIM-enabled manufacturer of building products for the AEC industry.

Be a Triple Threat by Combining ArchiCAD, BIMx and Skills

Jackson Hole, Wyoming based Chris Lee of Design Associates Architects has been relying on ArchiCAD since the late nineties