3D BIM ModelX

Land Surveyors, as built surveys for Oil and Gas Facility is no more a challenge

3D laser scanning and building information modeling are certainly valuable tool to support the efforts of land surveyors, to get a better as-built survey of an oil and gas facility.

Cloud-based workstations can now be used anywhere, on any device

Cloud Computing – The New Face of BIM and Real-Time Design

BIM is much more than access to Revit applications or clash detection capability. BIM technology, cloud computing and real-time collaboration go hand in hand. This article explains why.

Benefits of 3D bim modeling

Benefits of 3D BIM modeling services during pre-construction stage

Appropriate planning at the pre-construction stage leads to a successful project completion during construction. The article highlights the benefits of 3D BIM modeling services during pre-construction stage.

A “Perfect Storm” for AEC Industry Transformation

It’s no secret that the AEC industry is suffering from a surplus of waste: wasted materials, wasted time spent on rework and change orders, waste from highly fragmented processes.However, what the industry is beginning to ...

Autodesk Stingray Real-Time Visualisation Engine

Building designers can use Stingray to make their BIM-informed visualizations interactive in real-time through a direct link from the engine to 3ds Max Autodesk Stingray Real-Time Engine Takes Design Visualization to a New Level for ...

“We Can Do It Faster the Old Way”

I’ve been hearing the title of this column, in one form or another, from engineering and architectural design firms for more than 20 years. I hear it from drafters, designers, engineers, architects, principals and owners, ...

10 Challenges & Opportunities Facing Architecture

Australian architects have been staring into the headlights for far too long. It’s time to use those headlights to illuminate our future and to change the conversation. Let’s reconsider the role and importance of our ...

How about 3D laser scanning and BIM, together?

In one of my previous projects, we have tried a little bit on merging laser scan into BIM process, it is clearly a trend of future construction world, though we did not generate some solid ...