BIM for Design vs BIM for Operations.

For a unique perspective at the interface of ‘BIM for designer’ vs ‘BIM for operator’ here is Derek Lawrence (Associate Director, Arup) with some pertinent points and wise words.

BIM Awareness in the FM Sector

To present a snapshot of the joint research carried out with the British Institute of Facilities Management, here is Simon Ashworth (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) and Dr Matthew Tucker (Liverpool John Moores University) to ...

Top construction trends in the coming years

The construction industry of UK never believed in changing the methods as said by the experts. But, gradually it has accepted the fact that change is important for every industry. They are surely going to ...

Back to Basics – The What’s, How’s and Why’s of BIM in FM

Although the application of BIM-enabled facilities management has the potential to add significant value to assets and estates. There are of course many challenges that need to be considered in order to make the transition ...

Highways UK – Day 2 of 2

A detailed overview of this vital event in the transportation calendar. Day 2 of 2.

Highways UK – Day 1 of 2

A detailed overview of this vital event in the transportation calendar. Day 1 of 2.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Architectural Automation

Architectural automation in the IT world includes planning and organization of process automation.

BIM and the Quantity Surveyor

There is clear evidence that both design professionals and clients usually do not engage with the quantity surveyor as part of the building information modeling (BIM) process, instead preferring to leave the QS to prepare ...

#BIMTip 1 Keep it simple

It is a well-worn cliche that the construction industry is slow to embrace and sustain innovation and change, particularly in the application of digital technology. A recent study by McKinsey rated the industry as the ...

Optimising your BIM Implementation

When implementing BIM, any company that proceeds with a ‘bare minimum’ approach tends to make many common mistakes - and ones that can be costly.