The New Paradigm Poised to Disrupt the AEC Industry: “FUTURE TESTING”

We call “Future Testing” An advanced process in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) allows project stakeholders to anticipate issues and opportunities early, therefore reducing risk, taking advantage of innovative ideas, and gaining an edge on ...

Virtual Cities: Let’s Rethink the Way We Live

Singapore is a pioneer in creating a comprehensive virtual model of itself: a virtual city.

A Treasure Trove of AEC Insights and Discoveries

Truly innovative AEC professionals are looking beyond what’s been done, to what’s being done across other industries.

Virtual Design in Architecture - The 5 Reasons You Need It

Virtual Reality (VR) is about to change architecture forever, meaning that every firm needs to decide how it’s going to respond to those changes. That may sound like hyperbole, but 3D imaging and the benefits ...

On-Site 4D Construction Simulations

4D simulations are very useful for validating that a plan will work; ensuring that it is both physically possible and efficiently and safely uses the resources.