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Human Intervention

So many problems that we face working with buildings come somewhere down the line to human error, an issue that more automated processes never seem to have. Ian Harman, Marflow Hydronics’ Technical Applications Engineer and ...

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Why Do Specifiers Ignore Your BIM Content?

When it comes to manufacturer BIM content nothing is set in stone. Some specifiers will use your objects, others won't sway from generic content. So what should manufacturers do about it?

Getting Started with BIM

Getting Started with BIM

A quick glance into the world of Building Information Modelling could put you off for life. I hope to paint a different picture. For manufacturers at least.

Sadly, a lot of manufacturers investing in BIM content know little about the quality of their content; good, bad or indifferent.

What Does Your BIM Content Say About You?

This article was written during my tenure as the Marketing and BIM Development Manager at Britex (Australia). Britex are a BIM-enabled manufacturer of building products for the AEC industry.