Top construction trends in the coming years

The construction industry of UK never believed in changing the methods as said by the experts. But, gradually it has accepted the fact that change is important for every industry. They are surely going to ...

Privacy in the Age of the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV)

Opinion piece highlighting privacy considerations in the era of the CAV (as propelled by an event Q&A during Highways-UK 2017)

The New Paradigm Poised to Disrupt the AEC Industry: “FUTURE TESTING”

We call “Future Testing” An advanced process in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) allows project stakeholders to anticipate issues and opportunities early, therefore reducing risk, taking advantage of innovative ideas, and gaining an edge on ...

The Future of Building Technology

Our world is going through changes that have a substantial impact on our environment, dramatic population growth, urbanisation, global warming and resource shortages. These ongoing changes are forcing us to think in new ways.

More mobile, BIMaaS, ‘Big data’ and M&A?

Paul Wilkinson dusts off the ExtranetEvolution crystal ball to see what 2015 might bring: more mobile collaboration, BIM-as-a-service and ‘Big Data’, maybe.