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BIM and Asset Data Management

There are many reasons why asset data that is passed from design & construction to facility management is bad: no incentives for designers and builders to collect and document it in a better way, facility ...

PAS 1192-3 and BIM Training for FM & Asset Managers

Many facility and asset management professionals are unaware of the scope and purpose of PAS 1192-3 and the subsequent range of expert training available. To shed light on this minefield, here is David Churcher (Director, ...

Demystifying BIM for Facilities Managers

With BIM being notoriously difficult for newcomers to grasp, here is Mike Packham (Director, BWA (Europe) Ltd) to delicately guide all willing participants.

Is the 3D Geometry, restricting BIM?

How many BIM (Building Information Modelling) experts have you heard say: “BIM Authoring application (insert name) is a great data management tool”. I don’t believe you will hear it at the moment!

BIM: Revolutionizing Building Life Cycle Management

While the use of BIM technology for facility management is still developing, the potential to dramatically improve the effectiveness of building life cycle management is clear.

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Three Tips For Leveraging BIM In Facility Management

Many owners are leveraging building information modeling (BIM) for design and construction. However, most aren’t benefiting from the rich data in the model when it comes to facilities management.

BLM: Built Environment Life-Cycle Management

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Facilities Management – Forget BIM!

If you don’t know what “Hyper-Converged Infrastructure” is, you will.

Different BIMs for different Purposes

How does BIM work, like really work, in the real world?

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The Three Worlds of BIM

Many owners who start looking at BIM get scared off by trying to understand how the various aspects of BIM directly benefit them.

Kath Fontana (Image Source: www.fmj.co.uk)

10 things facilities managers should know about BIM

Kath Fontana FRICS, Managing Director of BAM FM, talks about the drivers for BIM adoption and how facilities managers should respond.