Too many cooks spoil the broth - NOT true!

With today's digital tools, we have a fantastic opportunity to involve a great many more skills when designing a construction project. The point of LEAN is to prepare as much as possible for the next ...

The Value of BIM 360 for MEP (M&E) Design and Coordination Workflows

MEP (M&E) design and coordination workflows may vary, but the value of BIM 360 is significant for saving time and costs and ensuring efficient and customised workflows.

Why should I invest 3d BIM technology?

Building information modeling was a new ways of working for construction industries, when this technology emerged first. But, now it is the widely accepted method regardless of the size of the industry or project. However, ...

Experiencing The Advances Of BIM Collaboration

The BIM collaboration process requires us to embrace it and learn to share with each other so we can all move forward as an industry. My challenge to you is to test this method, go ...

Beyond BIM: Better information, better lives

The term ‘BIM’ has become a global phenomenon, a powerful focal point for those that recognise that a combination of developments in technology and a more collaborative, outcome-focused way of working has the potential to ...

Maximise Profit Margins with Better Collaboration

Maximise Your Profit Margins with Better Team Collaboration An Autodesk Webinar via UBM and Building Magazine (1 Hr CPD)

A Treasure Trove of AEC Insights and Discoveries

Truly innovative AEC professionals are looking beyond what’s been done, to what’s being done across other industries.

Strategic Collaboration

There are some improvement and applications of collaboration strategy in construction sector including alliancing, partnering and PPP, etc.

Lean is not “Play Nicely”

The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre played host to the Huddersfield University “Collaborate” one day event. A popular forum where leading Lean ambassadors and practitioners met up to discuss best practice, misconceptions and next steps.

Three Tips for Looking Towards BIM Implementation

As the required use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) within projects swiftly approaches, many companies are vocal about their hesitations and concerns of using this method of collaboration.