BIM SkillsX

Bridging the technical skills gap in manufacturing

British manufacturing is facing a major skills shortage and according to the EEF Skills Report.

Why Dynamo by Autodesk Is Important for AEC

Dynamo will be at the forefront of disruption in AEC.

Diapers, Beer & BIM

There is a parable from the business intelligence industry that provides a parallel for the AEC industry in 2016. This parable is about two very familiar consumer products: diapers and beer.

BIM & Safety

How BIM practices can increase job site safety.

Career Progression Challenges in VDC & BIM

Changing roles and increasing specialization can lead to career stagnancy for designers.

BIM Training Process

Upskilling our professionals

Unless we are able to ‘upskill’ our professionals, the construction industry faces the real prospect of being unable to capitalise on construction opportunities