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BIM data or digital data - what the future looks like

Adrian Wild, founder of Integro Construction software and BuildingWorks, gives his thoughts on BIM data and digital tools to Professional Housebuilder & Property Developer magazine.

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Why BIM Libraries Are an Architect’s Best Friend

With building information modeling (BIM) quickly establishing itself as a key component in the planning and execution stages of construction projects, companies are busy expanding on the premise of BIM.

Why Do Manufacturers Need BIM?

Buildings and structures are composed of smaller components. Different types of components are needed to make the structure habitable and usable. These components may refer to beams and columns or even fixtures like air conditioning, ...

BIM object standard naming?

The object naming in BS 8541-1 sets out 2 ways of naming objects. The 2 options are covered in 4.3.2 and 4.3.3. Both set out how an object name can be constructed and both have ...

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Why Do Specifiers Ignore Your BIM Content?

When it comes to manufacturer BIM content nothing is set in stone. Some specifiers will use your objects, others won't sway from generic content. So what should manufacturers do about it?