BIM Track for PMs: Why you need it and how to assess project health

As a project manager (PM), you need an easy way to assign tasks & monitor issue resolution progress within your project at a glance. You need hard data you can drill down into to see ...

How to run a successful BIM coordination meeting

We all know what makes for bad meetings, but what makes for a great one? We’re going to give you BIM One’s tried and tested methods to run productive BIM coordination meetings with BIM Track. ...

BIM Implementation: Best Practices – Part 1

To ensure a successful BIM implementation, formal implementation strategies must be implied and they should be extended beyond rollout schedule and simple training.

Virtual Cities: Let’s Rethink the Way We Live

Singapore is a pioneer in creating a comprehensive virtual model of itself: a virtual city.

Fig 1. Imperial College London, White City

Helping clients use BIM

Clients should be the ones benefiting most from BIM. But they are mainly unaware of the potential. As the leading consultants and contractors change to using BIM as their default process so clients are having ...

BIM in prefabrication

Save money using BIM in prefabrication process

Article talks about how BIM can help in reducing construction cost through implementing BIM during the prefabrication process.

Steve Cooper, Managing Director - CONJECT

BIM comes of age - but where do we go now in the Middle East?

BIM transforming the construction industry but can the Middle East keep up with the likes of China and South Korea, asks Steve Cooper, Managing Director, CONJECT.

Why Do Manufacturers Need BIM?

Buildings and structures are composed of smaller components. Different types of components are needed to make the structure habitable and usable. These components may refer to beams and columns or even fixtures like air conditioning, ...

BIM –One Size Fits No One!

There is no one BIM approach or strategy that is right for all. Everyone needs to tailor their BIM usage to their individual needs, the needs of those they are collaborating with and the specific ...

AutoCAD Vs. BIM Services

AutoCAD Drafting vs. BIM Services

The article is a comparison of advantages and disadvantages, uses and benefits of AutoCAD and BIM (Building information modeling).