Lean Construction, Lean Design and Building Information Modelling

The choices we make in the design stage will have a great impact on the success of the actual construction and installation work. Because of this, the capability to verify the feasibility of the designs ...

BIM Track for PMs: Why you need it and how to assess project health

As a project manager (PM), you need an easy way to assign tasks & monitor issue resolution progress within your project at a glance. You need hard data you can drill down into to see ...

How to run a successful BIM coordination meeting

We all know what makes for bad meetings, but what makes for a great one? We’re going to give you BIM One’s tried and tested methods to run productive BIM coordination meetings with BIM Track. ...

Why structural engineers should move to the cloud

Cloud computing has developed significantly in the past decade to allow structural engineers to work on projects with complete flexibility.

The BIM Manager - Agent Of Change

The BIM Manager - Agent of Change

With so many experienced BIM Managers in our industry today, why do organizations and individuals struggle to adopt, grow and support BIM?

Fig 1. Imperial College London, White City

Helping clients use BIM

Clients should be the ones benefiting most from BIM. But they are mainly unaware of the potential. As the leading consultants and contractors change to using BIM as their default process so clients are having ...

So Many BIM Books, So Little Time

"We are in the final quarter of the year, and Christmas is approaching. Books are a popular gift. Here we look at what BIM books were published, and those that will soon be available."

Is the 3D Geometry, restricting BIM?

How many BIM (Building Information Modelling) experts have you heard say: “BIM Authoring application (insert name) is a great data management tool”. I don’t believe you will hear it at the moment!