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French language Solibri Model Checker now available!

Solibri Model Checker is now ready for download in French


BIM Journal Interview - Frank Weiss - Aconex

Aconex is the biggest collaboration platform in construction with the ability and the reputation to serve even the most sensitive projects in the world. We chatted to Frank Weiss to find out more.


Educating openBIM

Whilst BIM adoption and standards development has progressed, there is a lingering shortage of the understanding of BIM at a base level. Restricting the industry before openBIM can truly be adopted outright. BIM Journal 01 ...


openBIM and Environmental Sustainability

There are other areas in which openBIM can be adapted to be beneficial, and one of the ways that these effects can be projected is in the reduction of a building’s environmental impact. BIM Journal ...


Safety in Construction: What can openBIM Bring? pt 1

Health and safety has evolved greatly over the last few years. Implementation of BIM and more precisely the transparency and collaborative qualities of openBIM really can assist practitioners in operating a safer environment for the ...


openBIM: “Best of Breed” Solutions pt 2

As a whole, we see a strong level of positive backing for increased competition for software vendors, but this comes with mixed reasoning to support the arguments. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 05 pt 2


openBIM: “Best of Breed” Solutions pt 1

openBIM itself constitutes a removal of boundaries for smaller software vendors to confidently make their products available on the world stage. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 05 pt 1


openBIM and Improving Data Accuracy

Despite the benefits that can be created by adopting openBIM standards the real driver and underlying key of the whole thing is the accuracy of the data itself. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 04


Improving the Construction Process with openBIM pt 2

Data is not so much “lost” but without a common and open standard underpinning the workflow mistakes can, and often are made - which starts to challenge the very purpose of BIM itself. BIM Journal ...


Improving the Construction Process with openBIM pt 1

Within the "constraints" of openBIM there is the momentum of advancement of the construction process by improving the transparency and monitoring of all stages of the process itself through more effective data management and communication. ...