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How 4D BIM Modeling Has a Highly Positive Effect on Construction Projects

A blog post discussing 4D Building Information Modeling and how it can have a positive effect on the way construction projects are carried out.

BIM improves modeling and workflow of structural engineering.

National Institute Of Building Technology

BIM for Roads & Highways increases Safety & Efficiency, But Reduces Operating Costs

BIM adoption has become a standard practice for architects and designers, and civil engineers too are now looking forward to make the most of BIM in their field.

4D Construction: What You Need to Know

4D is quickly becoming the global standard for high performance project management. It is important to understand what to look for when making the transition to 4D. This whitepaper provides a brief overview.

Largest airport terminal design unveiled

It is known that Zaha is always ready to blow our mind with special designs and science fictional appearances. Although it may be a nightmare for BIM design and construction, each and every project has ...

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4D BIM Promotes Onsite Safety

In 2007, when BIM was an emerging trend, the industry wide adoption of the technology was measured to be 28%, today it has increased to a whopping 71%. This can be credited to the increasing ...

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4D BIM Planning Process used at RNEST Refinery, Brazil

Camargo Corrêa is a company known in the market for having innovation and technology as trademarks in their projects. The 4D Planning is nowadays a reality practiced by many engineering and construction companies and we ...

BIM implementation in the private sector

In 2011 the UK Government announced that all centrally-funded public-sector work would “require collaborative 3D BIM (with all project and asset information, documentation and data being electronic) by 2016”. With that 2016 deadline rapidly approaching ...

Denver Airport Project Takes Off Thanks to BIM

Denver Airport Project Takes Flight Thanks to BIM

Thanks to BIM and the efforts of HNTB, the Denver International Airport Hotel and Transit Center project has overcome any turbulence and smoothed out rough edges