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Screenshots of the GBuilder solution showing how the BIMobject cloud is represented.

GBuilder: Integration through the BIMobject API takes our business to the next level

Through BIMobject API we are able to offer our customers millions of real-world materials and products with updated information. This is creating huge potential in taking our online shopping platform based on BIM to a ...

BIM Visualisation Apps – Devices, Deliverables & Decisions

Technology has been accelerating at breakneck speed and has overtaken most businesses in terms of their understanding of what can be achieved. Through the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets for personal use, we now ...

Is 3D Printing the Future of Construction?

3D printing is getting significant attention in the construction industry.

The Influence of BIM: Hype or Just Hopeful?

One hears an awful lot of talk about Building Information Modeling (BIM) these days, and BIM has a lot to show for all the chatter, as the recent 2014 AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) ...

Application of GIS-BIM Integration

Application of GIS-BIM Integration for Mega Project Construction Equipment Management

GIS & BIM are the tools used to manage construction projects and can improve the construction planning and design efficiency by integrating locational and thematic information in a single environment.