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The Value of BIM 360 for MEP (M&E) Design and Coordination Workflows

MEP (M&E) design and coordination workflows may vary, but the value of BIM 360 is significant for saving time and costs and ensuring efficient and customised workflows.

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New and improved version of MagiCloud BIM object library is now here

Progman has announced that Europe’s largest BIM library, MagiCloud, has been updated to include the full product information already available in MagiCAD.

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MEP Design and Installation for Healthcare Facility through BIM Implementation

BIM for MEP delivers an on-time project completion, and along with that, it enables efficient maintenance required to keep hospital premises clean and as per the regulatory standards.

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An Emerging Era In Clash Detection & MEP Coordination Workflows

Continuous clash detection is a game changer for clash detection because it helps streamlining the modeling efforts and deals the clash detection as a part of modeling.


Artificial Intelligence Strategies for MEP Firms

Artificial intelligence has the capacity to revolutionize MEP modeling and clash coordination.

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MEP Model Coordination: BIM Empowering General Contractors Like Never Before

MEP clashes cause a lot of headache and it is a propriety that the activities of various disciplines are in coordination to help the contractors reach a well scheduling plan.

Case Studies

MEP BIM model- Residential & Commercial Building

This MEP BIM model project consisted of modeling, clash detection and preparation of coordinated drawings for all architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical components for all floors of the building.

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MEP Maintenance Made Easy With BIM

The article is about MEP maintenance and its importance in facility management. In spite of awareness, and tedious maintenance work, accidents are caused. But this is simplified by BIM software.


Getting Started With Dynamo and GenMEP

Discover automation and improve MEP workflows. Visit to register today!

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MEP Shop Drawings – An Impeccable Tool for the AEC Industry

MEP Shop Drawings Services play a noteworthy role in the architectural, engineering and construction industry at the present juncture. 2D and 3D MEP diagrams aid to strategize projects in a faultless manner portraying the precise ...