New year new start - welcome to Issue 5 of BIM Journal, a themed publication that deep dives into a pertinent topic of the day from the BIM/ Digital AEC realm.

In the prior edition, we focussed on the world of BIM as viewed from a Manufacturer’s perspective. In this issue we will seek to explore the BIM and Facilities Management realm via a compendium of practical tips and valuable advice, each gleaned from the named industry players who are already in the know. Real-world use cases will also be presented and examined.

Indeed, with organisations like the BIFM recognising that FM should engage with the everevolving FM landscape so as to future-proof the profession, many members of the newly formed BIM Technology Working Group have contributed directly to the articles in this issue.

By chronicling the FM journey so far and the pitfalls along the way (with a look at what is yet to come) it is hoped that you find this publication appealing and that you glean confidence when discussing and understanding the topic going forward.

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