LOI (Level of Information)

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What is the LOD of a BIM model?

What is LOD, what is graphical information and non graphical informatio. Comparative between PAS 1192-2, AIA G202-2013, BIM Forum and Caderno BIM SC


Enabling Tools - Periodic Table of BIM

The ENABLING TOOLS are responsible for bringing your Building Information Modelling deliverables to life. They’ll help build up a range of graphical, non-graphical and associated project documentation throughout the lifespan of your project in sufficient ...


Development of a Whole Lifecycle Information Flow Approach Enabled by BIM Modeling Protocols and Technologies

5th Qatar BIM User Day, Development of a whole lifecycle information flow approach enabled by BIM modeling protocols and technologies by Dr. Racha Chahrour, HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar and Prof. Nashwan Dawood, Teesside.

Image Source: http://www.craigsewell.co.uk/

Why Do Specifiers Ignore Your BIM Content?

When it comes to manufacturer BIM content nothing is set in stone. Some specifiers will use your objects, others won't sway from generic content. So what should manufacturers do about it?