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What is the LOD of a BIM model?

What is LOD, what is graphical information and non graphical informatio. Comparative between PAS 1192-2, AIA G202-2013, BIM Forum and Caderno BIM SC

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BIMForum Releases Draft Version of the 2016 LOD Specification for Public Comment

The BIMForum has released a draft of the 2016 version of the LOD Specification for public comment – it can be downloaded from


LOD: What is it Good For? Bringing on Data Exchanges

The Building and Construction industry globally continues to struggle to find clarity around the usefulness and correct application of Level of Development (LOD).

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BIMForum LOD Specification 2015 Now Available for Download

On November 3, 2015, the BIMForum announced the publication of the 2015 version of the Level of Development (LOD) Specification for Building Information Models. Anyone may download the specification for free.


It is not LOD, It is LO"daic"

Level of Development as a concept is the sum of different aspects that define the information and geometry of each element not only the level of detailing.


5 Steps To An Efficient Workflow : BIM Design And Implementation

Our industry is in flux, on the precipice of possibilities. BIM offers us tools to increase productivity and efficiency in design and management as well as implementation, construction, and maintenance. But roles and responsibilities are ...


The lowdown on LODs: Bringing clarity to BIM

There’s the LOD that means “level of detail” and the LOD that means “level of development.” They’re both legitimate concepts that are relevant to 3D design, so the fact that they share an acronym is ...

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The Influence of BIM: Hype or Just Hopeful?

One hears an awful lot of talk about Building Information Modeling (BIM) these days, and BIM has a lot to show for all the chatter, as the recent 2014 AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) ...
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