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New Trends in Construction Industry

A lot of impressive things have happened last year in the construction industry. But as we’ve entered 2018, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at trends that are going to ...

Crews in Manhattanville, pictured above in an early phase of construction, are integrating sustainable practices into their work on Columbia's new campus.

Columbia University Strives for Sustainable Construction

Columbia has long been working to integrate sustainable measures into construction practices at the Manhattanville campus, the first buildings of which will open in the fall.


Synchronised Specifications - Part 2

Integrating the specifications with a building information model fulfils one of the great promises of BIM; to be able to use a single point of reference to facilitate and coordinate complimentary processes. However it also ...

A building information model can be linked to external databases, such as specifications. One can activate the spec through the model element (for example by double-clicking a window assembly) which can be reviewed and even redlined from within the BIM authoring software.

Synchronised Specifications - Part 1

Parametric objects are the building blocks of a building information model. Although historically the term ‘parametric’ referred to the definition of geometry (form) by controlled values,


Energy Savings + LEED Certification; Whole Building Energy Simulation

Sustainability is the new mantra that has taken the construction industry by storm. Energy modeling services are widely used in order to analyze and validate energy efficient building design solutions.

The fastest energy modeling workflow

iBIM Energy Modeling - The most time-efficient workflow

Interoperability with BIM for energy modeling can save you time, help you provide LEED feedback earlier and promote collaboration within your design team.

BIM News

BIM and efficient lab systems at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building and Skourtes Tower

Oregon Health & Science Univversity recently completed Collaborative Life Sciences Building. The building, along with Skourtes Tower, is the result of a joint venture between Portland State Univ., Oregon State Univ. and Oregon Health & ...