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CloudCities Update Focuses on BIM—New IFC Support and Password Protected Scenes

AEC industry cloud-based software upstart, CloudCities, advances its offering with new IFC BIM model integration features, private scenes and attribute editor.

In the construction industry we cannot afford to have things lost in translation...

buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)

There is much talk about BIM and what it is and isn’t, but before anything else, we must define what exactly we are talking about. In today's globalized world we normally use, at least several ...

Case Studies

Interoperability testing: IFC2x3 site geometry exchange

In the previous blog post we looked at a case study of our Cleveland Fire Brigade Training and Administration Building. An issue that emerged from this project was to do with how our site geometry ...


The State (+ Future) of BIM and GIS Interoperability

BIM (and BIM-GIS interoperability) has been popping up so frequently that a slightly modified version of Monty Python’s “Spam” sketch has been running through my head…

IDM Process Map

Interoperability Standards

The common standard developed by the buildingSMART is the Industry Foundation Class (IFC)


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BIM Implementation An Issue Of Trust
BIM News

BIM Implementation An Issue Of Trust

Although globally there are numerous case studies that demonstrate the value of implementing building information modelling (BIM), an organisation will appreciate the full extent of its inherent benefits only when it experiences it first hand.