Integrated Project Delivery

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The future of the building industry has arrived.

And it brought along integration, information, collaboration, fabrication, mass-production, and automation.


Take Productivity to the Next Level Combining IPD with BIM

Want to take the productivity of your construction project to the next level? Why don’t you think of combining IPD with BIM?

Ensuring BIM success with innovative Project Materials Management

Ensuring BIM Success with Innovative Project Materials Management

The most expensive and at-risk aspect of a project is the procurement and construction stage. Discover how you can ensure the success of your BIM project with this guide.

It's all about Collaboration

The Misconceptions of IPD

There’s been a lot of talk lately about IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), but with it has come many misconceptions, misunderstandings and miscommunication about what IPD really means.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery, Roles and Liabilities – AIA A295-2008

Integrated Project Delivery Roles and Liabilities are yet to be largely discussed. AIA A295-2008 states some guidelines to erase this question mark, connecting everyone under the same umbrella.

Taking Ownership

Taking Ownership

Tahir Sharif examines the role project owners are taking in promoting the use of BIM

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BIM survey indicates that Level 3 is on track

A survey of members of the BIM and Integrated Projects Forum has indicated a general feeling that BIM Level 3 is on track and that integrated project teams will be critical to the successful delivery ...

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How BIM is used to accelerate project delivery

Waste in the Design and Construction Industry is very well documented, with many International studies attesting to the large significant costs affecting the Industry.

McGrawHill Construction Report
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Project Delivery Systems SmartMarket Report

New research from McGraw Hill Construction ( published in its Project Delivery Systems SmartMarket Report

The Power of Visible Value ..
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Can a Fridge help Drive BIM Adoption?

Is a route to BIM adoption and early engagement success stuck on the side of our fridge? Let me explain why it just might!