Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)


BIM: being lost or becoming lost

When Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles crashed on a mysterious tropical island in the South Pacific, none of the survivors were aware that they were actually LOST in their own lives.

Case Studies

“Future Testing” for Civil Engineering - SMEDI Case Study

Traditionally, engineering firms review the architect’s conceptual designs and independently develop their engineering drawings. This is a wasteful step, which duplicates work and can misinterpret the architect’s intent.

Project Development Stages.<br>Courtesy of Leica Geosystems

Create Value for Owners by Embracing Change

While the term interoperability is commonly used to describe the ability of software applications to exchange data, it is much more, it is the ability to manage and communicate electronic product and project data between ...

BIM News

HHD Building BIM Project Honored by Construction Owners Association of America

Penn State was honored by the Construction Owners Association of America (COAA) with the 2015 Gold Project Leadership Award for the completion of the Health and Human Development Building.

Owners Perspective

The Impact of IPD on Insuring Project Risks

A first step toward getting the right insurance for IPD begins with the questions we all learned in grammar school: Who, What, How, Why, and Where. Answering these questions with the right insurer at the ...

Ensuring BIM success with innovative Project Materials Management

Ensuring BIM Success with Innovative Project Materials Management

The most expensive and at-risk aspect of a project is the procurement and construction stage. Discover how you can ensure the success of your BIM project with this guide.


Integrated Approach Leads to Success

The design process can be compared to the process of growing up, where the progression is gradual but continuous. Imagine having to start over with just a vague idea of what we had learned before ...

It's all about Collaboration

The Misconceptions of IPD

There’s been a lot of talk lately about IPD (Integrated Project Delivery), but with it has come many misconceptions, misunderstandings and miscommunication about what IPD really means.


Integrated Project Delivery for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Enabled by collaboration software, IPD is helping industrial manufacturers reduce risk, achieve predictable results, and maximize the effectiveness of capital funding.