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GPU-powered virtual workstations are the future for BIM

Startup Breaks BIM Deadlock with Instant Cloud Deployment

Technology start-up Cloudalize announces TryBIM, a web-based trial that instantly deploys an ICT environment for BIM by using cloud-based workstations.


'Heat map' to highlight BIM readiness in infrastructure

Civil engineers from all infrastructure sectors, including water and wastewater, are being urged to help the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) compile its 2015 Business Information Modelling (BIM) ‘heat map' survey.

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Calls to Participate in BIM ‘Heat Map’ Survey

ICE is calling on civil engineers from all infrastructure sectors to participate in its 2015 Building Information Modelling (BIM) ‘heat map’ survey, which seeks to find out more about the application of BIM in the ...

ICE's BIM and Asset Management paper 'Leveraging the relationship between BIM & Asset Management'
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Leveraging the relationship between BIM & Asset Management

This paper explains the mutually-supportive relationship between Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Asset Management. They should not be isolated practices, they must be considered together to realise the full benefits.